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There's always good new music out there, providing the soundtrack to the highs and lows of daily life.

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Our pick of the year’s finest albums brings American dreaming, teenage dynamism, heartbreak, barbed rap…

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In 2019, the musical landscape was as fractured and multifarious as the world around it.

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If anger is an energy, reading this list should be like chugging a can of Monster with your finger stuck in a plug socket.

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It was a great year for throwback hip hop, sex-positive R&B, ice-cold dance music, ambitious metal...

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This list was made by writers, editors and producers at NPR Music operating under two rules…

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Will the 2020s face the same ongoing discussions about the Death of the Album that the 2010s did?

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From drowsy hip-hop to pitch-perfect pop, albums of all genres felt more profound than ever.

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Our critics chose the best albums of the year — a format that is in an increasingly fragile state in pop music.